Portrait Photography


Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography

A portrait can be so much more than just what you look like. It can be a window into who you really are.  We pride ourselves in not being very traditional when it comes to shooting portraits. We incorporate a style called moment design throughout our whole photography process.  This journey starts the moment you reach out to us. 

Together we will discover what you love most and collaborate on the best ways to enjoy the artwork we will create.
Canvas wall groupings are a daily reminder of the best of you and the best of others

I can't think of a better way to enjoy the photographs we take for you than to relive the experience in the form of an album. 

Slow down, take a moment, and watch as this story is able unfold with each spread in this beautiful family portrait album. Watch how each spread tells one whole part of the story much like chapters do in a book.


Portrait Experience

Portrait Experience

The {matchless}Photography Experience

  1. It all starts with a planning session where we will take you on a journey and customize your photographic shoot that reflects you and your personality.
  2. Once we have a firm understanding of all your wants and desires for the session, we will move on to a personal Photographic Shoot that captures the essence of you. Our Photographic Shoots are fun and engaging.  They are more about creating an amazing experience that will showcase the most beautiful 'you'.  The 'you' that has your real smile, the 'you' that is not cheesing the camera.  Our goal is to create a space for this to happen. Often people that detest having their pictures taken come away with a positive experience. And kids love all the things we do with them.   
  3. After the Shoot you will have a Cinematic Premiere for you to view the photographs.
  4. At the Premiere we will also have a Design Consultation where we will assist in the selection and customization of your Wall Art that will bring life to your home. We have a wide range of products from a selection of beautifully crafted albums to beautiful canvas wall groupings. 
  5. As soon as you have made your selections your photographs will go through a final retouching process and all the artwork will be ordered. 

Portrait photography includes all types of sessions from family sessions to bridals, from engagement photos to Senior portraits and just about everything in between. All portrait sessions include a planning session, the photographic shoot, and a premiere/design consultation to help you create beautiful artwork for your home. 

  • Photo sessions are $350

Bookings are not finalized until session fee is paid and dates for both the photo session and premiere are scheduled. 


- When can I place my order?

You will do all of the ordering at your premiere.  The premiere consists of a cinematic presentation of your photographs along with a design consultation to finalize your album and wall art orders.

- How long do the sessions usually last?

We don’t put a time limit on a session, but they usually last between 1-2 hours.

- Is there a time that's best to take pictures?

We like to take photos in the evenings.  Evening light is amazing.  Because of that we usually try to start around 2 hours before sunset.

- Do we chose a location or do you?

Either!  We start with asking you.  If there are certain places that are special to both of you, we’d love to go there!  If you don’t have anywhere specific, we’ll pick out a few places before hand and run them by you!

- Can we bring pets?

Sure.  We have had people bring pets along.  We usually recommend bringing the pets at first, taking a few pictures with them, and then having someone take them back home.  It’s usually a little too complicated and distracting to have them along the whole time.

- Can friends/family come along on our engagement session?

With the style of photography we do, it’s very personable.  We have to create a safe space for you guys to let down your guards.  The more people around, the harder that is to accomplish.  So for engagement shoots, we usually recommend that family and friends do not come.

- Do you shoot bridal sessions?


- Can friends/family come along on a bridal session?

Sure!  We actually encourage it for bridals!  It’s always good to have another set of hands to help carry the dress, flowers, and any extra things we may need.

- How far in advance from the wedding should we schedule a bridal session?

At least a month out from when you need the pictures.  A month gives us plenty of time to take the pictures, have the premiere, and order any that you want.

- Can I bring pets to a bridal session?

Sure!  We can’t guarantee what they’ll do to your dress, but if you feel comfortable bringing them, then why not.  We’d probably recommend that they only stay for a little while though.

- Do you travel?

YES! Have camera, will travel!! We LOVE to go to new places!